Walmart truck gets stuck under overpass

Update: One tow truck arrived, but a second tow truck careened off a hillside above the crash scene

INDEPENDENCE, Ore. - A Walmart truck got stuck under a railroad overpass Monday morning, blocking a rural Marion County road in both directions, the sheriff's office said.

The trucker driver, 63-year-old Glenn V. Bickford of Coos Bay, told deputies he misread the height restriction sign on River Road and thought his truck and trailer would fit.

The trailer is 13-feet, 6-inches tall.

The underpass is restricted to 12-foot, 9-inch tall vehicles.

Bickford was following the advice of his truck's GPS system to navigate between Salem and Monmouth.

Bickford was cited by a sheriff's deputy for violating the road use limits.

The deputy remained at the scene to assist Bickford in contacting his employer and removing the truck and trailer.

Wreckers were called, but the response time from Woodburn was likely to leave the road blocked for several hours, the sheriff's office said.

That one of the wreckers wrecked off a hill above the deputy and the stuck trucker didn't help get the road open. No one was seriously hurt.

Marion County Public Works posted signs to warn drivers to use alternate routes to Independence.