Volunteers make track meet happen at Hayward

EUGENE, Ore. - Maureen Hennessy has volunteered at track events at Hayward Field since 2004.

"I used to be a runner, I was an ultra distance runner, and I was an absolutely crazy runner, it was an addiction, it was my drug," she said. "Then I broke my back and couldn't run anymore, so it was my way of staying in the athletic business so to speak."

Volunteering in the athlete hospitality section, Hennessy said not only has she been able to learn a thing or two but she's been able to practice her sports psychology backround on the athletes.

"It's been nice for me working with the coaches come by the trainers come by the medical staff and we talk," she said. "I hypnotized one person."

Fom raking the pits to marking down times, this week's NCAA track and field championship relies on an army of volunteers.

The volunteers say they enjoy being a part of a championship atmosphere.

"That's why I am here, because there are people who are giving their very, very best and they need that support, because they're doing their best and they inspire me to do my better," said Roger Bascue, a volunteer since 2006.