Vinyl lovers brave elements to keep record convention alive

EUGENE, Ore. -- A little ice and snow didn't stop the true record lovers from supporting the Northwest's longest-running record convention. In the words of arbiter Thom Jones, the Eugene Record Show must go on.

"Even when there's snow, or other natural disasters," Jones added.

Crate diggers came out in droves to paw through the collections vendors brought in from across the northwest.

"The roads were horrible last night," said Seattle vendor Matt Grisse. "There were sheets of ice in Portland."

Jones said this wasn't the only event that rocked the Eugene Record Convention, now in its 26th year.

Vinyl lover and convention founder Bill Finneran passed away in October.

"I got in contact with his family. It turned out they didn't want to keep the show going. I decided to look into what it would take," said Jones.

The annual event is a big tradition for many record enthusiasts.

"It's like Christmas for me," said Amelia Hart, adding that she attends the show every year with her mother.

"She's not here today because she couldn't brave the elements," said Hart.

Jones said the turnout represented about an eighth of the usual crowd.

"A lot of people really got their feet wet to come here and nerd out, which is good," Jones said.