Video of career-ending kiss: City knows who got it, not who shot it

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Former Springfield Police Chief Jerry Smith declined to talk about the surveillance video footage of him kissing a subordinate that led to his retirement, saying he didn't think it was good for his family to talk about the video.

The chain of events came to light over the weekend, with City of Springfield officials releasing the footage and explaing how it triggered Smith's decision to retire from the department after decades of service.

"That's an inappropriate relationship to have because you have somebody that has power over the employee that they're having the relationship with and that's untenable," said Gino Grimaldi, Springfield City Manager.

The question remains: Who was behind the camera?

Grimaldi said he doesn't know who shot the footage. He is aware of 3 copies of the tape that were anonymously mailed out.

"The video was received by myself, by the Department of Police Standards and Training in Salem," he said. "In addition to that, Councilor (Dave) Ralston also received a copy."

Springfield City Councilor Dave Ralston was arrested by Springfield Police on a charge of DUII in February, less than a month before Smith suddenly announced his retirement.

Ralston called Smith twice after being pulled over leaving a Springfield bar late at night: first, from a parking lot where a Springfield police officer wanted to conduct a field sobriety test; and again from jail as he was being booked. Ralston later claimed to be a victim of entrapment. Smith had declined to interfere in the officer's investigation, police said after the arrest.

Ralston said Monday that the situation was complicated. He didn't want to comment on why he might have received a copy of the video.