Veterans Day Parade in Springfield: 'Know that nobody forgets'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Hundreds lined the streets of Springfield Sunday morning for a special tribute to Veterans.

This year's parade theme was Honoring All Who Have Served. Military vehicles, service personnel and veterans marched along the parade route stretching down Olympic Avenue in Springfield.

For one family, this Veterans Day was a special time to honor a relative and veteran that passed away one week ago.

Linda Humphries' father, Marshall, was awarded the bronze star for his service in the Navy during Wold War II. Sunday also marked what would have been her father's 87th birthday.

"We have been asked about our story by several people, and I think it touched a few people to know that nobody forgets," said Humphries. "Even if they have passed away, they have served out country and need to be honored."

The Humphries family joined thousands of other local residents in paying tribute to all of the Veterans who have fought for our country.