Vet 'optimistic' small dog will live after pit bull attack

RIDDLE, Ore. -- A south Douglas County veterinarian says he is optimistic a chihuahua mix dog will live, after witnesses say it was attacked by a pit bull in Riddle.

Officials with the Douglas County Sheriff's office impounded the pit bull Tuesday morning, after witnesses say it bit the smaller dog.

Douglas County Animal Control Deputy Lee Bartholomew confirmed the incident, and says it is standard for any dog bite case for the animal to be taken in for observation.

Neighbors say the incident occurred on First Avenue.

One resident says the man and his dog live at the Nickel Mountain Trailer Park, and he was taking it for a walk on a leash when the other dog attacked it.

Shelly Collins witnessed the attack, and described the animal. "A good sized pit bull," she said. "He seemed friendly to people. One man actually chased him up the road and then came back and kind of got him in this area."

They say the pit bull was running loose, and it is unknown who it belongs to.

Dr. David Nay says the chihuahua is recovering at his clinic in Tri City, with what he said were multiple puncture wounds and possible spinal trauma.

He also says that in his experience, pit bulls are more apt to attack other animals. "Pit bulls, in my opinion, seem more prone to attack other dogs than other breeds of dogs," he said.

He says the dog is being treated for shock, but he is optimistic it will live, although he adds it may be a couple of days before he knows for sure.