Veneta opens food bank in new resource center

VENETA, Ore. -- To meet the growing city's demand for food, Veneta is opening the doors to a brand new food bank facility at the Fern Ridge Service Center.

Nearly a year in the making, the $2.3 million building at 2nd and Broadway is home to organizations like the large-scale food bank and senior services. Veneta's Mayor Sandra Larson spoke at the Fern Ridge Service Center's dedication ceremony on Friday.

"Seven years ago the idea was born...and it's a beautiful, beautiful structure," Larson said. "This is a community, and neighbors help neighbors people help people."

Planners said they want to resolve the community's hunger problems, but committee member Bat Coy said their work's not over yet.

"Now our responsibility is to make it work, and make it as useable and accessible to our community," Coy said.

The center will officially open on October 1, however they will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m., Sept. 14.