Vandals strike Veneta neighborhood: 'It's not like they targeted anyone'

VENETA, Ore. -- Residents living along Hunter Road in Veneta say they've been the victims of a vandalism spree when they woke up Friday morning to find that dozens of cars had their tires slashed overnight.

Hunter Rd. resident Dan McClemmen said he had to pay more than $500 to replace his tires.

"I called the sheriff's department and they came down and they said that all up and down this street, they've been getting reports," said McClemmen. "It was just a random thing it's not like they targeted any one person."

Having lived in Veneta for 44 years, McClemmen said he's never seen such widespread vandalism.

Employees at a nearby Dairy Mart told KVAL News that vandals targeted their store as well. Pam Parnett, a cashier at the store, said that someone smashed in one of their windows.

"The cops came, and I heard they brought dogs with them. And I guess they pursued them, but weren't able to track 'em down," Parnett said.

"They just don't realize how much hardship they're causing people, and how much money it costs to replace these tires," McClemmen said.

The Lane County Sheriff's Office confirmed the vandalism, but said it's still unclear if the acts are related.