Van vandalized, fuel funneled from Food For Lane County

EUGENE, Ore. -- When the morning staff at Food For Lane County went out to the delivery vans on Tuesday morning, an employee found that one of the delivery vans wouldn't start.

Food For Lane County identified the problem as a cut fuel line. They believe that the line was cut in an attempt to steal fuel.

Now the non-profit organization is approaching their biggest food drive of the year (held on Saturday and Sunday) with one of their seven delivery vans out of commission.

Dawn Woodward with Food For Lane County said that while it is painful to see someone trying to steal from a non-profit, seeing the impact that the vandal's actions have on the community hurts even more.

"We are sending out the equivalent of about 16,400 meals a day. Anytime we have a snafu in our schedules it has an impact on how much food we can send out." said Woodward.

A tow truck took the van away to repair the cut fuel line.

In response to a post about incident on the Food For Lane County Facebook page, Kendall Auto Group said that they would take care of the delivery truck repairs.

"Our Chevy Service Manager will be in contact with you (if he has not already) about taking care of this repair. We feel terrible that someone would do such a thing, and we want to offer our support to an organization that does so much for our community." read the response posted by Kendall Auto Group.

Food For Lane County also plans to use a donated truck to help cover transportation needs during the biggest fundraiser of the year, set to kick off this weekend.

Mike Moskovitz with Willamalane Parks and Recreation said that the attempted theft was upsetting, but not too surprising.

"We were discouraged to see that it happened. It put some stress on our staff and also the kids that we serve." said Moskovitz.

In October, fuel thieves hit four buses parked at the Willamalane District Office.