US team makes fans proud: 'It was one of my favorite World Cups'

EUGENE, Ore. - American pride packed the Oakshire Public House for the US match against Belgium on Tuesday, with standing room only from start to finish.

Although the match started mid-day on a Tuesday, US fans turned in their business atire and donned the nation's red, white and blue.

From chants of "I believe that we will win" to gasps when things looked to be turning for the worse, all eyes were glued to the TV until the final whistle blew.

Belgium bounced the US from the tournament, 2-1. All three goals game in the final minutes of the match, which had remained tied at 0-0 after 90 minutes.

"Held with them until the very end you know," said fan Jordan Bailey, "and they kept striking so hard, our defense just got relaxed and it's kind of hard to watch it all just wash away right now."

Despite the loss, advancing out of group play against some of the best in the world is still enough to help US fans hold their heads high.

"It was one of my favorite World Cups," said Jac Thomas. "I've been watching them since I was born, and I'll never stop. It's the best time every four years."