Up in the air: 'Sometimes you have to do something crazy'

ALBANY, Ore. - You can't miss it from either direction on Highway 20.

"You see this guy 40 feet up in the sky and you wonder, what in the world is that all about?" said John Miller, Executive Pastor of Spiritual Life at Albany First Assembly.

Miller plans to spend seven 24 hour days in a scissor lift, 40 up off the ground - for a fourth time.

Miller is raising awareness and funds for three different support programs and scholarships.

For 168 hours, the small platform, no larger than 6 by 10 feet, is his home.

"This would be my bedroom," Miller said. "It comes complete with an extra-long cot!"

He's not completely roughing it.

On board, Miller has a computer and iPhone, plus a mini-fridge powered by a long extension cord.

He said he learned after the first time to bring his business with him. He's put a portable toilet on the lift with him.

"I'm just trying to help people with real needs," he said. "Sometimes you have to do something crazy to get a crazy response."

He said it rarely gets boring.

"You always have a lot of people that just stop and take pictures," he said.

Miller said the positives outweigh the challenges, although the rain Tuesday was a little disappointing.

"I planned this week in July, and it rains," Miller said. "Last night we got a lot rain, so I had to redo some of my work up here because I got wet in the middle of the night."

Miller's goal is to raise $40,000 for the programs.

So far over three days he's raised $10,000.

The scissor lift was donated, as well as a $20 stipend for food each day from Pizza Amore. Dutch Bro's has offered a coffee per day ,and Burgerville will give a discount to anyone with a coupon and give 10 percent to Miller's project, "Up In The Air."

"I'm living 40 feet up in the air for seven days," Miller said. "Each person can do something to help somebody else, even if that's buying someone in need lunch or caring for someone."

Miller won't step down until Sunday at noon.

Miller said he misses his wife and two boys the most and can't wait to see them come Sunday.

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