UO student vets help build house: 'Just veterans helping veterans'

EUGENE, Ore. - Just about every facet of St. Vincent de Paul's transitional house on Jefferson St. has been restored. The affordable housing project saw a few hiccoughs along the way, but on Saturday the U of O Student Veterans helped put the finishing touches on the project.

Matti Cone served for 10 years, stationed on a submarine for the navy. He was one of the about 20 other student vets working to renovate the house for the Veterans Housing Project, which provides affordable housing for returning veterans.

"Some heavy lifting, moving some dirt around. We also have this deck that was designed and laid out," said Cone. "This entire project is just veterans helping veterans."

Volunteer coordinator Kahty Wilson said projects like this one are absolutely instrumental in creating a safe and stable place for returning men and women.

"It's all about trying to find the family or individual that really needs this step up as they're trying to transition back into the community," said Wilson.

The houses are leased for two years, and most don't want to leave.

"Most of them want to buy the house that they're renting, just because they feel stable. It's in a great neighborhood, and it's just something else they don't have to worry about transitioning back out," said Wilson.

St. Vincent leases the land through the county. Wilson hopes to have someone move in sometime in April.