UO grad in Egypt: 'It wouldn't be the best idea to come to Cairo now'

EUGENE, Ore. - International student Omar Hagrass graduated from the University of Oregon last spring with a degree in political science last spring.

He has since moved back to Cairo, a city now in crisis.

"Cairo is a very big city," Hagrass said via Skype. "Eugene is a clean, small, calm city that people usually go have fun and enjoy their time in. In Cairo you can have fun and enjoy your time as well, but not these days, in my opinion. It wouldn't be the best idea to come to Cairo now."

Hagrass said the streets are not safe, especially at night.

"Two weeks ago I was trying to go into Nahda Square, which is right next to my place, and while I was going inside, they actually shot fire into the air, asking me to not come any closer," he said. "So it is a fact that they do actually have machine guns and have the artillery weapons, but it is also a fact that in my opinion, the police dealt with the situation in the wrong way."

Hargrass said the violent protests have been growing day by day.

"700 people lost their lives from the police and from the Muslim Brotherhood," he said. "Whether the people who died yesterday were for Morsi or against Morsi, or part of the police or the staff, it's sad that human life is not valued more than what is going on right now in the country."

Hagrass just shook his head when asked about his country's future and said he hopes the bloodshed comes to a halt.