Unusual suspects caged after one allegedly bites girl

SALEM, Ore. - A pack of Chihuahuas is now in cages for terrorizing a neighborhood after Marion County Animal Control said they got loose and started going after people, including a 6-year-old girl.

Neighbors called animal control a couple times about the same dogs. And earlier in the same day, animal control said a call came in because the five dogs were chasing after a teenager. Then a second call a few hours later was made after the dogs chased down and bit the 6-year-old girl in Northeast Salem.

Animal control is not sure which one bit the girl, but the bite was bad enough the girl's parents took her to the hospital. She's home now and will be OK.

The dogs' owner surrendered the Chihuahuas and what looks like more of a Chihuahua mix to animal control. Marion county animal control will monitor them in quarantine for 10 days, which is standard procedure after a dog bite.

A veterinarian will decide whether the dogs can be adopted, should go to a rescue facility or should be euthanized.