Two-time convicted killer sentenced to death for murder

EUGENE, Ore. - A Lane County judge formally sentenced David Ray Taylor to death Tuesday after he was convicted of murdering Celestino Guiterrez Jr. nearly two years ago.

A jury handed over the recommendation after finding Taylor guilty of murdering 22-year-old Gutierrez back in August of 2012.

Portland residents A.J. Scott Nelson and Mercedes Crabtree were also charged with their participation in Gutierrez's death.

Taylor was also convicted and served 27 years in prison for the 1977 murder of 21-year-old Constance Roland, a gas station attendant in Eugene.

"He isn't human, there is no humanity in him what-so-ever. I don't feel the David Ray Taylors of the world deserve our tears. They don't deserve anything from us," Rose Gutierrez said of her son's killer, "Tino's not here, Tino's gone. And not only that, I only imagine in my mind what he was going through what he was thinking the last minutes of his life."

She told our reporters the family hoped the judge would issue the death penalty in this trial.

"People are saying congratulations. There are no congratulations to be had," said Celestino Gutierrez's brother, Jeff. "We don't have to live in a criminal world, we don't have to live in a David Ray Taylor world. They have to live in our world. A world that is righteous and just and isn't afraid to give these people the proper punishment they deserve."

District Attorney Alex Gardner said only those who have volunteered to be put to death have been executed in Oregon in the 30 years since the death penalty has been reinstated.

Challenging Governor Kitzhaber's halt to the death penalty,

Gutierrez's father Celestino Sr. said "We will not stop, we will press on if Kitzhaber doesn't have the guts to uphold the law."