Two mini horses get a second chance after animal hoarding farm

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Two miniature horses are given a second chance at life after leaving a farm noted as one of the worst cases of animal hoarding in Oregon.

Hundreds of animals ranging from dogs and goats to miniature horses were found on an Oregon farm in late October. Many were starving and sick, others were already dead.

The woman who owned the animals was arrested for animal cruelty and ordered to surrender the 257 surviving animals over to Oregon officials.

Among those animals were 117 miniature horses.

A Bakersfield non-profit rescue recently heard about the cruelty and had to get involved.

Whiskers, Paws, Hooves and Claws adopted two of the miniature horses, named Popcorn and Noel.

The two horses are the newest and smallest addition to the Rancho Rio Stable in Bakersfield.

Director of the non-profit Julie Suss told Eyewitness News that both 3-year-old Popcorn and 6-year-old Noel may be expecting. Suss said that they won't know for sure if the horses are pregnant for another couple of days.

Visit the "Whiskers Paws Hooves and Claws" website if you would like to donate to the non-profit rescue.