Truck stolen Friday, recovered by police, stolen again Sunday

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EUGENE, Ore. - As Ross Daniels waved goodbye to his wife from their front porch Friday, they both noticed something was missing.

"She said, 'Hey, where's your truck?'" Ross said.

Ross called the Eugene Police Department to report his 1998 green Toyota Tacoma stolen.

"A couple hours later, they called to say they found my truck," he said. "I felt very lucky. I almost jumped up and down, it was great."

Before the officer hung up, he gave Ross a piece of advice.

"The officer said, to wrap things up, he said you really want to buy the Club," he said.

He got his truck back, and planned to buy a Club from police on Monday.

"The police substations are closed on the weekends, I worked until 7:30 Friday," Ross said.

In the meantime, he locked the steering wheel to the seat with a bike cable, just in case.

Then Sunday night rolled around.

"Some lights on our tree out here went out suddenly, and I went out to check it out," Ross said, "and the truck was gone again."

And it has stayed gone. If you have any information about the whereabouts of his truck, please call police.

"My advice to people would be when a police officer makes a suggestion like that," Ross said, "don't wait, don't think about the Duck game - go out and do it now."