Trial starts for man accused of shooting, killing 2 men

COQUILLE, Ore. -- The murder trial of Timothy Henson started Tuesday in Coquille.

Henson is accused of killing his mother in law's 19-year-old husband and 70-year-old ex-husband off of Highway 101 near Bandon in September of last year.

Prosecutors say Henson shot and killed 19-year-old George Micheaux III and Milton Leach, 70, who died the next day at a hospital in Portland.

Both men were from Myrtle Creek.

Detective Tom Willis described the events that took place on and before September 2, which ended in the deaths of the two men.

Willis testified that 5 people traveling in a tan Chevy Blazer were going to the beach, so Milton Leach could show the family where he wanted his ashes spread. Willis said Mr. Leach was very sick and nearing his final days.

The day before the deaths, the group had checked into two rooms at a motel in Bandon. The neighbor of the room that Mr. Henson and Vellena Tuell were in said in a police statement that it sounded as if the two were awake all night, and that she heard yelling and possible slapping coming from the room.

The witness saw Ms. Tuell the next morning outside of the room crying.

Willis said a man and women driving south on Highway 101 saw the Blazer pull to the side of the road. He said the couple saw a person fall to the ground, and saw someone else pointing a gun at them.

As the man was calling 911, he heard three pops and the dispatcher told him to drive away, Willis said.

Police eventually found an arrested Henson nearby.

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Investigators say they found a small .22 caliber handgun at the scene which had all six bullets expended. They say they found 2 other guns at the scene, as well as 3 other guns in the car.

Willis testified that blood and urine samples were taken from Henson and 2 others in the car. They all came back positive for meth, he said.

Henson faces charges of aggravated murder, assault and kidnapping.