Trial date set for Bandon midwife

COQUILLE, Ore. -- The midwife who is charged with the death of an infant was back in court Monday morning.

Marcene Rebeck, of Bandon, is charged with second degree manslaughter and homicide for allegedly providing poor care to a baby dying of septic shock.

Rebeck arrived to court to a crowd of supporters.

Nicole Kraynik gave birth to both her children with Rebeck's help.

Kraynik says Rebeck has delivered 320 healthy babies and she says supporters are sticking with Rebeck until the end.

"I think right now, the grand jury only heard a small portion of the story and that's why they chose to indict her, but I think once the whole story is out there, justice will be done," Kraynik said.

Supporters have a petition with over 1,200 signatures calling for the charges to be dropped.

Rebeck will be back in court Jan. 7 for a pre-trial hearing, and the trial is set to start Feb. 11.