Tree tests 'see how they do with the forecasted climate change'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Scientists say that certain trees in Eugene can't withstand increased temperatures that could come with climate change.

With that in mind, the city of Eugene isn't waiting for it to warm up any more to save our native species.

Jason Stein and his crew from Four Seasons Trees planted 19 climate adapted trees at the Sheldon Community Center Sunday.

In order to turn over a new leaf, Stein and his team had to uproot the old, withered trees that lined the park.

"We're replacing with trees brought up from California to try ... to see how they do with the forecasted climate change," Stein said.

Stein said the old trees at Sheldon Community Center weren't thriving there anymore, adding that scientists expect a similar demise for other trees around Eugene.

"A lot of people think we'll have a climate similar to Sacramento and a lot of our trees that we plant up here currently might not do as well," Stein said.

Sunday's planting was the first of it's type in the area - a part of the city's Community Climate and Energy Action Plan that was started in 2010.

The city is having these trees planted as an experiment to identify the best trees to plant in Eugene in the future.

With just the right touch from these green thumbs, some of these trees may take root in the unfamiliar soil.