Tornado stirs memories in Oregon town

AUMSVILLE, Ore. - It's been two and a half years since a tornado made its way through Aumsville, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

Steve Worden was cutting someone's hair at his barber shop when the tornado hit. "When the roof came off, it started swirling, glass breaking and the TV came off," he told KVAL news at the time.

Today, the memories of that day are still fresh. "The roof blew off, and I thought 'now where do I hide?' I backed up against the wall and bricks started falling off," said Worden.

Down the road, Juanita Nichol missed the destruction by minutes when she left her business, Nichol Plumbing, to get her car fixed. "I just came in and they told me my building was gone," she told KVAL news in 2010. "It's just a building, and nobody got hurt. This can be replaced and God had a purpose for it."

Nichol's son, Doug Nichol, says it's taken time to rebuild their building. "As a matter of fact, we just settled with our insurance company today. It's taken that long."

Juanita says she's grateful to be alive, but feels for those in Oklahoma. "My heart goes out to them more so than me cause I've lived through that."