Toddler's finger severed in Washington Square's escalator

TIGARD, Ore. - A toddler had one of his fingers severed in an escalator at the Washington Square Mall on Wednesday evening, according to TVF&R.

The 2-year-old boy got his hand caught in the escalator near the mall's food court at around 6 p.m. When he pulled his hand out, one of his fingers was missing and another was injured.

The escalator was quickly taken apart and the boy's finger was retrieved and sent to the hospital for possible reattachment.

Carrie Farrell was shopping at Washington Square with her two young children Wednesday night.

She didn't see what happened, but said she is always worried about that kind of accident.

"We actually just came back from a road trip and they were on escalators at the airport so we're always very cautious and want them to go with an adult and hold onto the top of the railing because it can be very dangerous once they get separated from us," she said.

Last November, KATU On Your Side Investigator Chelsea Kopta focused on how dangerous escalators can be for children.

A check last fall uncovered 50 escalator accidents during the previous three years on mall escalators in Oregon - about one every month.

Most of the accidents were people falling.

The escalator at Washington Square remained shut down into the evening, with no clear cause yet for the accident that cost a little boy his finger.

While Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue confirmed the boy was taken to a hospital, because of privacy laws, his identity and condition couldn't be released. It's also not known whether doctors were able to reattached the finger.