'To me, he was after my daughter': Burglary or attempted kidnapping?

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EUGENE, Ore. - A mother says she caught a man in her home reaching out towards her daughter.

The incident sounds similar to what happened in the River Road area earlier this month.

But in the patchwork of city/county jurisdiction in north Eugene along River Road, the city responded to the first report, the sheriff to the second.

Eugene Police called the first one an attempted kidnapping.

The Lane County Sheriff's Office said they are considering it a burglary, not an attempted kidnapping. In Oregon, a person commits the crime of burglary when they enter a place with the intent to commit a crime. In other words, a robber and a kidnapper both commit burglary when entering a home. Marrisa Morris knows what she found when she heard her front door open and went to investigate her daughter's whereabout.

"He was hovering over her. That's pretty close. Maybe because he didn't have his hands directly on her they can't consider it an attempted kidnapping, but to me he was after my daughter," Marrisa Morris said. Morris says she was in the back room in her home when she heard the screen door open and close. She found a man standing less than a foot away from her three-year-old daughter, reaching out towards her. She yelled at the man and he ran out the front door. Her husband Robert Morris, doesn't agree with the Sheriff's Office description of the incident. "My reaction would be if it was an attempted burglary why didn't he have my possessions in his hands trying to steal. Instead he was hovering over my daughter," Robert Morris said. Law Enforcement could not confirm if the two events were related.