Time capsule unearthed: 'We found a - what was it? Cassette tape'

ROSEBURG, Ore. - The Fremont Middle School leadership class took a step back in time 30 years, unearthing a time capsule buried by the Fremont class of 1984.

Students from former teacher Elee Hadley's class that year remember preparing the time capsule

"We explored what was going on in politics, economics and other things within the United States and the world," said Kristen Sandfort, who attended Fremont in 1984.

It took some time for the class of 2014 to uncover the time capsule in 30-gallon trash can.

After reviewing the contents, students said the biggest difference between 1984 and 2014 is technology.

"We found a - what was it?" asked 8th grader Bailer Pritchard. "Cassette tapes, which I don't think we really have those any more."

Hadley was overjoyed at what they found.

"I was really pleased to see pictures of the students from those days because they're dear to my heart," she said.

Former students said they're surprised by how well everything was preserved.

"The stuff inside is in perfect condition," said Jennifer Rosenberg. "There's a Nerf ball in there that still feels exactly like a new Nerf ball. I'm pretty sure the casette tapes are going to play; not too sure about the 5-inch floppy disc."