Tibetan monks make a mandala at the library

EUGENE, Ore. -- A group of Tibetan monks started making some sand mandala art on Saturday, entertaining crowds of people at the Eugene library.

The six monks are scheduled to be in Eugene on Saturday and Sunday as a part of a nation-wide tour.

The tour has scheduled stops at schools and libraries, as well as larger scale venues like the Google headquarters.

The group's driver and translator, Tenzin Shereb, told KVAL News that sand mandala is an ancient art for that is meant to encourage compassion and peacefulness.

"When they lay down the sand it is a kind of meditation. Meditation in the sense that they have to control their breath when they lay down the sand ... the sand will blow away." Shereb said.

Laying sand is such a delicate process that the monks couldn't create a mandala in one of their San Fransisco stops because an air conditioning unit at the location created too much of a breeze.

The monks will continue their work on Sunday until a closing ceremony, set to take place at 4 p.m. in the Eugene Public Library.