'Three cans, times all these people it really adds up!'

EUGENE, Ore. -- During its final day, the cost of getting into the Lane County Fair was giving back to the community.

Food For Lane County was at the gate collecting food donations as a fee for the fun and games on the fairgrounds.

Harley Emery, Miss Oregon's Outstanding Teen, said the non-profit had a strong response.

"Before we even opened the line was a quarter mile long," Emery said.

Shelby Stair and her 3-year-old son Finley were waiting in that line, bag of canned food in-hand.

"It's a really good deal for us and a good way to help out in the community as well," said Shelby. "I remember doing this actually as a kid."

Alicia Hines, Food Resource Developer for Food For Lane County said the food drive allows all families access to the fair.

"Three cans, times all these people coming through the door it really adds up!" said Hines.

Alicia says food banks see a decline in summer months, which is why food drives are vital to keeping people fed. She estimates they gathered 21,000 pounds of food at Sunday's event.

As Shelby put it, free entry and feeding the hungry aren't the only positives of Sunday's drive. "It's a good thing to teach him as well, to give back to the community," Stair said, arm around her son.

Food For Lane County will hold their next big summer event August 9-10 for the Island Park Blues Festival.