Threat of snow on horizon for end of Thanksgiving holiday weekend

EUGENE, Ore. - Hitting the road this holiday weekend?

Looks like smooth sailing, with nary a drop of rain in sight.

Until ...

"Significant change in weather expected near the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend," the National Weather Service said Tuesday. "This system will bring snow to the Cascade passes and possibly the Coast Range and could impact travelers returning home from the holiday weekend."

Oh great.

But wait, it gets better.

"An airmass with origins in the arctic is expected to
follow this system and move into the region Sunday night and Monday, lowering snow levels to a few hundred feet or even near the valley floor," forecasters said.

So it's going to be cold.

That doesn't necessarily mean it's going to snow in Eugene.

Nor does it mean it won't.

"At this point in time, it is uncertain whether enough moisture will be available with this air mass to produce low elevation snow," forecasters said. "There is much uncertainty in the timing of the front and associated moisture. People who are traveling over the holiday weekend are encouraged to monitor the weather forecasts closely through the weekend as winter weather may cause impacts to travelers."