Thieves ride off with bikes: 'It actually hurts a lot of people'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Thieves stole two bikes from an apartment complex in the Whiteaker neighborhood early Sunday morning, and complex managers caught them on camera.

While this isn't the first time bikes have been stolen from the Springdale Apartments, managers Jennifer and Scott Gokey said this is the first time since they've put up a sign that reads "smile, you're on camera".

The Gokey's said that in spite of this deterrent, thieves walked right in front of the sign at around 3 a.m. Sunday and cut the locks off of the pair of bicycles.

"It actually hurts a lot of people around here because a lot of them rely on their bikes as transportation," Scott Gokey said. "Now, one of the gentlemen has no vehicle and he's relying on having to walk or take the bus."

If you have any information about who may have stolen these bikes, you're asked to contact Eugene Police at (541) 682-5111.