Thief steals cans from child raising money for adopted siblings

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- A Springfield family said they're heartbroken after someone stole a big bag of cans from outside their home on Wednesday.

Lauren and Don Horton live at the home with their adopted children with special needs. The couple said they're in the process of adopting two more from Eastern Europe.

Lauren said her 14-year-old daughter, who has Down syndrome, started collecting cans to give the deposit money to two new additions to the family. This spring the Horton's will be welcoming Marnie and Gary, two disabled children from Europe.

Over the past six months all of her kids have pitched in to help collect cans for their new siblings.

Initially Lauren debated whether or not to tell her kids that four big bags of cans they'd been collecting had been stolen from their driveway.

"I figured that's just part of life and it can kind of be a good lesson that it doesn't make us stop. If we have a goal, we just keep on," said Horton. "They bless us way more than we bless them I mean they've been, its just amazing to be able to do that," said Lauren.

Since our news team ran this story Thursday night the Horton's have received numerous calls from people hoping to donate their cans and help out Horton's daughter.

"We have family with special needs also so it's dear to our hearts," said Shahaley and Christi, KVAL viewers who wanted to help out the Horton family by donating cans to the cause.

"Because its not right," said viewer Tawnya, carting a bag of cans to the house. "We seen the story last night and it really touched me."

As Lauren said, a couple bags of cans might not be worth much, but for what it's worth they meant a lot.

Horton asks that anyone interested in helping the family out with a can donation get in touch through their facebook page.