'These people are trying to take your money. This is a scam'

EUGENE, Ore. - Lisa Haldane put her wedding ring up for sale on Craigslist and got a message from a guy in New York who wanted to buy it.

He told Haldane he'd use PayPal to send her the money.

An email arrived, promising full payment of $4,900 once the ring shipped.

Haldane thought better and called PayPal.

"He looked it up and said these people are trying to take your money," she said. "They said I'm sorry, but this is a scam.

"I got red flags," she said, "and I'm glad I did."

Ellen Klem, director of consumer outreach and education at the Oregon attorney general's office, said online consumers need to listen to themselves when they have doubts.

"Trust your gut," she said. "Of it sounds too good to be true or fishy, it probably is."

Craiglist urges buyers and sellers to avoid scams by only dealing with local people.