'There's been a real lack of funds. Now we have troops waiting'

ALBANY, Ore. -- Give 2 The Troops, an organization devoted to brightening the lives of servicemen and women with holiday packages, said it has run into difficulties getting their care packages overseas this year.

Last holiday season, they sent almost 2,000 pounds of gifts to U.S. soldiers. Volunteers worry this year may be different.

Give 2 The Troops' Albany office is one of two nationwide that sends care packages to troops in combat and disaster relief zones. The pictures and letters covering the walls show the impact of the effort. Sharon Crary said most are from soldiers missing home contact the organization.

"They let us know what their living conditions are, how many people are in their unit, what special needs they have, if there are women in the unit," said Crary. "So we tailor to the needs of the unit. The most important request we get is for the notes, cards and letters."

Volunteers will then put together a box filled with anything from food to DVDs and sporting equipment.

They have already built up a few boxes filled with requests from units overseas. However Give 2 The Troops said they are having trouble getting these packages to the soldiers.

"For some reason this year, there's been a real lack of funds. So now, we have troops waiting, we've got boxes that are ready to go and we have no funds to ship those boxes," said Crary.

Give 2 The Troops estimates they'll need around $4,000 to send this year's holiday packages. You can visit their website to help donate to the cause.