'There were just two guys in my room. I woke up to two guys'

EUGENE, Ore. - Kendal Heavican slept as her boyfriend Shea O'Connor watched TV early Sunday morning.

Heavican got a rude awakening.

"My roommate came downstairs and said, 'There were just two guys in my room. I woke up to two guys. Someone had touched my foot,'" Heavican told KVAL News.

O'Connor ran to the window as her heard someone running down the stairs.

Outside he saw two unfamiliar men.

"They started running," O'Connor said. "I opened the door and this guy was running away with a purse, and I started running at him, yelling at him."

Burglars hit at least a half dozen homes late Saturday into early Sunday in the neighborhoods west of the University of Oregon campus, according to police reports.

The burglars stole around $2,000 worth of belongings from Heavican's duplex, including a Wii, a laptop and iPhone.

"My roommate - for people to come in while she was sleeping - I feel like they should do something about it," she said.

The burglaries concern the University of Oregon Police Department.

"When you have anybody that's bold enough to go into a house or some kind of a dwelling when there's people, that's a real concern," spokesman Kelly McIver said.

In three of the reports, residents were at home when the burglars entered the house.

The crimes might not be limited to the cover of night, either.

Connor Corr said his roommates heard glass break in the middle of the day on Saturday.

"Apparently a window had been bashed in, some cash stolen and their belongings rummaged through," he said.

The burglaries have left many students uneasy.

"It sucks because we have to be super conscious about who goes in and out of our house now," said Jake Straud, whose home was burglarized in November.