'There is no dairy-free clam chowder'

COOS BAY, Ore. - Oregon Seafoods wants to launch two new soup products under their Sea Fare Pacific brand that will be free of gluten, dairy and GMOs.

But the company said it needs help from the public to get the project funded.

"The specialty food industry has proven to be pretty difficult and hasn't really left us with any budget for product development," said Mike Babcock, who owns Oregon Seafoods.

Babcock said the products are aimed at the millions of Americans who are lactose intolerant or who want to remove dairy and gluten from their diet.

"There is no dairy-free clam chowder, so it is a pretty cool niche that we're going to explore," he said.

Sea Fare Pacific needs $50,000 to move ahead with the project. The company has launched a crowdfunding effort via Kickstarter.

"Launching these products will allow us to hire a few more employees, and of course we're buying local vegetables and we source all our seafood locally as well," Babcock said.