'There have been a lot of bitter words that I can't repeat'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A billboard in Caldwell, Idaho, is making headlines across the globe.

Over the course of three days, KVAL's sister station in Boise, KBOI 2 News, fielded thousands of comments, emails and phone calls about the sign, which compares the president to accused Colorado shooter James Holmes.

The sign owned by the Ralph Smeed Foundation is turning heads and getting people talking.

It compares the reaction from the shooting in Colorado to President Barack Obama's winning the Nobel Peace price - even though troops are still in war zones.

"What we are puzzled by is the lack of some sort of commissary equal outrage over the loss of life that is occurring in the Middle East," said Maurice Clements, president of the Ralph Smeed Foundation.

Officials with the foundation says reaction has been mixed - mostly negative, and some of the threats have been "indirect death threats."

"There have been a lot of bitter words that I can't repeat," he said.

Clements says they concentrated on Obama because he is currently in office, but they say the problem has been going on since the Korean War.

"Those are all as far as I'm concerned illegal wars and Congress is allowing the presidents not just Obama, but many presidents in the past even including Reagan to engage in those kind of things," he said.

Residents KBOI talked with say they normally see funny political stuff that makes them think, but have mixed feelings about the current comparison.

"It can cross the line in a fine way but at the same time it's true you know," said Jacob Pinson, a Caldwell resident. "Although it's done in very different ways, foreign policy versus what the Colorado shooter did - well it's all bad."

The foundation says they don't plan on taking it down, but they do change the board every week or so and will have different signs soon.