The UO Women fall to No. 4 Stanford

EUGENE, Ore. -- The University of Oregon Women's Basketball team suffered another loss, 86-62, to the #4 Stanford Cardinals Friday night at Matthew Knight Arena. The loss put the Ducks at 3 and 18 on the season.

On the game, Oregon head coach Paul Westhead said, "We're still our own worst enemy."

At the start of the game, Oregon forward Liz Brenner hit a mid-range jumper to give the Ducks their first two points. Oregon guard Ariel Thomas added to Brenner's two points with a layup to put the Ducks at 4 points with 15:20 left in the first half. The Ducks, however, were still in the hole, as the Cardinals were already ahead by 16 points.

The Ducks' next two points came from a jumper by Oregon forward Jillian Alleyne. The trio went on to score the next five points for the Ducks.

By the end of the first half, Oregon guard Thomas had put 14 points on the scoreboard. The points were to no avail, though, as the Cardinals kept the lead and ended the first half eleven points ahead of the Ducks, 38-27.

Cardinals' Joslyn Tinkle also had 14 points before the end of the first half.

In regards to the game and traveling up to Oregon, Tinkle said, "Before we left, the most important thing was [to] pack your shot We were prepared."

Tinkle went on to score two more points for the rest of the game.

Coming into the second half, the Ducks kept the game alive with Oregon guards Thomas, Amanda Delgado and Devyn Galland adding a few three-pointers to the scoreboard.

Galland's three-pointer came in with a minute and 11 seconds left in the game. By then, the Ducks were already down by 22 points.

The Cardinals never lost the lead.

With disappointment in her eyes, Oregon guard Thomas simply said, "Like any team, our goal is always to win."

In their first home game back from the road, Thomas just missed her second double-double for the season with 17 points and nine rebounds.

On Thomas, Oregon Coach Westhead said, "Ariel has been playing well, I would say, the last four or five game. She's got a lot of fire and a lot of toughness. That goes a long way with our team. I'm very happy for her performance."

Oregon freshman forward Alleyne racked up her eighth double-double on the season - her fourth against a PAC-12 team - with 13 points and 13 rebounds. "As a freshman, it's unreal. I just know that I've got to keep working hard because I can do more. What I have now is just a showing of what I can be," said Alleyne.

Coach Westhead said, I think [Alleyne is] progressing very well. She's a player with a terrific upside and future. I think this is a good learning game for her. She did some very good things."

Thus, even with the loss tallied onto their record, the Oregon Ducks still have hope for the future.

Said Coach Westhead, "We were competitive on the boards. That's a good sign. Overall, I thought our players played hard. They're as determined to play well and win as they were in November."

The Ducks have one more day to practice before they are faced with yet another opponent for the weekend: the #6 California Golden Bears. Coach Westhead said, "Our players will come ready to go. They'll be ready to present themselves."

The Ducks face the Cal Bears on Sunday, February 3, at 1 PM in Matt Knight.