The Nest: Luxury hotel for chickens

EUGENE, Ore. - When you go out of town, it can be a pain finding someone to watch your house or take care of your pets.

But what if you had chickens?

Bill Bezuk has you covered.

The owner of Eugene Backyard Farmer has opened up The Nest, a luxury hotel for chickens.

There are two "suites" to stay overnight: The Blue Andalusian and the Gold Campine (both names of chickens).

For $2/night, chickens are given fresh food, water and a place to sleep. For an extra dollar a night, chickens can get the "deluxe treatment."

He also sends owners text message pictures of their chickens while they are away on vacation.

There is also valet service where the owner drops off the chickens (basket, box, etc) and Bezuk safekeeps them in the store until the owner comes back to pick up the chickens.

The Nest opened last month, and they're currently 50 percent full. Bezuk expects The Nest to be completely full by next month.

Lauren Lee toured The Nest for a story set to air Friday on KVAL News and