'The more you know, the more you can take steps to protect yourself'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A few of the crimes reported in West Eugene have made some residents in the Danebo neighborhood uneasy.

"Every time you turn around, within the last month, there are cops literally zooming past," said Kathryn Frombach, who lives near Royal Ave.

While some might feel their neighborhood sees more crime than most, Debbie Janecek of Eugene Police's Crime Prevention Unit said the city's different regions can't be accurately compared because of their different sizes and population bases.

The crime prevention unit does its best to update residents on what is happening in their neighborhood.

"This is the reported crime within that beat within a one week period," said Janecek displaying Eugene Police's Facebook and Twitter accounts, "The more you know, the more you can take steps to protect yourself."

It shows how many and what kinds of property crimes are happening in different city regions.

"We look at those statistics in our organization so that we can see if there are any patterns, if there are any crime prevention programs we can offer to certain areas," said Janecek.