The Green Team: 'We are making such an impact on the environment'

EUGENE, Ore. - A local middle school is taking milk cartons and food scraps and using them in a green friendly way.

Spencer Butte Middle School has a group called the Green Team. Their job is to plant food in the school garden, recycle paper and milk cartons and collect food waste that can be made into compost.

"With our tomatoes, they are going to make salsa," says Green team leader Cydni Harper. The school cafeteria buys produce that's grown in the garden and uses it for school lunches.

"Everything that you make yourself tastes better," adds Harper. The goal is to make a difference in the community and contribute to a better environment.

"I like how we are making an impact on the school, like most of the lettuce in the garden goes to the cafeteria. And we are making such an impact on the environment by cleaning the milk cartons and cleaning the trash cans," says team leader Hunter Spence.

The students are going to other schools around Eugene to help them jump start their own green programs. The middle school offers the green class as an elective where students can learn about issues that are impacting our environment. The Green Team is where they can put what they've learned into action.

Making a difference one milk carton at a time, knowing their good deeds are reaching much further than the trash bins at Spencer Butte Middle School.