'The chance to be somebody different sparks their imagination'

VENETA, Ore. -- For the first time in 10 years, Veneta Elementary is embracing Halloween by letting students dress up for class.

Plenty of kids were in the spirit for the school's Halloween parade, even if they weren't in costume.

Last year students at Veneta Elementary weren't allowed to dress up for the holiday.

Principal Olivia Johnson said that the teachers voted in favor of the bringing back festivities, and most of the students followed suit.

"And honestly the support from the parents has been 90 percent positive overwhelming."

Mrs. Jonson said that some students can opt out of wearing a costume, and they'll still be included in the fun.

"Just the chance to be somebody different to be a rockstar, to be an alien, it sparks their imagination," said Johnson.

The principal said they also set up alternative activities for kids who didn't want to join the Halloween parade. They also had extra costumes on-hand in case affordability was a factor.