'That was a gunshot. We have to get out of here'

EUGENE, Ore. - Churchill High School locked down at a police officer's request before gunfire erupted on campus.

That left some students locked outside.

"My friend and I were on the swing set," Eva MacAdam said. "We had no class, so we were just hanging out."

MacAdam heard a commotion and moved towards it.

That's when she saw two men fighting in the parking lot.

"Like skin on skin, like punching, and there was some screaming happening, and then we saw a bunch of students gather by the door," MacAdam recalled.

MacAdam and other students were eyewitnesses to Officer Aaron Johns attempting to apprehend Christopher Lee Koziatek. The 44-year-old Koziatek had run from a traffic stop after Johns disarmed him of a large knife and hatchet.

As MacAdam and her friends watch, an unmistakable sound rang out.

"My friend turned to me, and she said that was a gunshot," she said. "We have to get out of here.

"We ran as fast as we could."

MacAdam ran to nearby Kennedy Middle School, which was also locked down.

A teacher asked them questions before letting them inside.

"Lke did you physically hear or see the gunshots and we were like yes! We were right there, and then they were like, OK, OK, calm down it's OK you can use our classroom for the lockdown," MacAdam said.

Koziatek, who had a gun, died at the scene.

Officer Johns was left with no major physical injuries.

Who fired - and how many shots - is under investigation.

The Eugene Police forensic evidence unit was still on campus Thursday, gathering evidence.