'Thank you firefighters' 'We love our heroes'

GLENDALE, Ore. -- If you've been in Glendale for the past couple of days, you couldn't help but notice the signs thanking firefighters posted across the town.

That's because this city of roughly 900 residents has more than doubled thanks to firefighters who are now coming from all over the state.

Over 1,000 firefighters are camped out in tents at Glendale High School, and the residents of Glendale are showing their support.

Stella Sanchez had to evacuate her home, and says the crews are doing a great job. "I think they're handling it really good," she said. "They have a lot of firefighters out there."

In addition to the evacuation orders for McCullough Creek, Reuben and Poorman Creek, people living in the Lower Graves and Lower Wolf Creek Roads were ordered to leave as well.

Cheyne Rossbach, a Roseburg BLM public affairs specialist, says the fire crews are trying to keep the fire from destroying any homes. "Firefighters are out on the ground working hard to try and get it contained, but we're dealing with challenging terrain and variable weather conditions."

Those who left their homes are able to stay at Glendale Elementary School and the Josephine County Fairgrounds.