Teens seek Oregon's votes in online music contest

EUGENE, Ore. Meet cousins Kayla Turner and Emily Baker.

Turner - an Ashland High School senior - and Baker - a junior at North Eugene - entered a national contest 2 months ago being run by record label out of Tennessee.

"We had written a song a couple days before, so we were like, 'Hey let's just enter it and see how far we get'," Turner said.

To enter, they submitted a YouTube video of their song.

What happened next caught them off guard.

"The way I found out was a tweet," Baker said. "They tweeted at us."

The tweet notified the girls who call themselves "K & E" that out of about 500 contestants, they were among 3 finalists given a shot at the grand prize.

"It was just really cool that even though we didn't have the most votes, they thought we were good enough to go to the finals," Turner said.

The two who have been singing since they were little girls. They were chosen as a wild card pick.

"It's such a cool opportunity to have, especially for us just two high schoolers who like to make music," Baker said.

The public has until March 31 at 6 p.m. to vote for the duo.

The grand prize includes a trip to the Dark Horse Institute in Nashville, where they'll record a mastered 6-song EP worth $15,000.