Teens make summer movie: 'The students are just really passionate'

PHILOMATH, Ore. -- While most high school age teens are spending their summer vacation sleeping in, Chris McMorrin and a group of his friends and classmates haul out tripods, boom mics, lights and cameras for a day shooting their summer movie.

On Friday morning director McMorrin and his troupe of Philomath filmmakers were nearing a wrap on their summer-long project titled "Ice Cream", a movie about a spy agency rescuing a kidnapped girl.

After filming a different movie with classmates last year McMorrin said he wanted to try the process again.

"I just got a camera and went out with some friends and just started filming some stuff and I really liked it," McMorrin said of his start to film-making.

Supervisor and chaperon for the crew, Mike Panico, says the kids simply do it for fun.

"What I've seen is just passion, and the students are just really passionate about this. (They) have a lot of fun doing it and I could tell its just a way for them to be part of something," said Panico.

McMorrin said his first film got positive feedback after screening last year, adding he hopes to have "Ice Cream" finished by fall.