Teen takes on Navy Seals training: 'My lungs were on fire'

VENETA, Ore. -- A 14-year-old is spending his summer taking on the training regiment that is similar to that of the Navy Seals.

Cooper Barnes dove into the age-adapted training challenge headfirst to earn a Navy Seal patch at the National Scout Jamboree, having never done the breaststroke before.

Along with exercising six days a week, the Veneta boy alternates days at Echo Hollow pool to fulfill his training requirements.

"I was a terrible swimmer. I mean I could do it, but not well. There were certain points where I didn't think I would be able to make it, because my lungs were on fire," said Barnes.

His mother and personal trainer Scottie Barnes says Cooper's come a long way since he started his training a few weeks ago.

"I'm gonna be proud of him either way," said Scottie. "He started so far away from the goal. And he's closed the distance so fast."

For Cooper, attaining the Navy Seal badge would be even better than filling a whole sash with patches.

Barnes leaves for the east coast Saturday to take his test in the middle of next week.