Teen chases down a bear: 'It's a (bleeping) bear, you guys!'

VANCOUVER, Wash. - "It's a (bleeping) bear, you guys!"

The video is sideways and shaky but it is 1 minute and 13 seconds of a bear running down a residential street with a teenage girl in hot pursuit - swearing - a lot.

With "The a Team" by Ed Sheeran blaring on her car radio, 18-year-old Daniella Mathews chases the bear down her street while recording it with her phone in one hand and driving with the other with the steering wheel. Eventually, the bear slows at a fence, slightly hesitates, and hops right over it.

"It just hopped a (bleeping) fence! Oh my God, it's in someone's (bleeping) backyard!"

To say that Daniella was excited is an understatement. (Watch an edited version of the video by clicking on the "Play Video" button above.)

In an interview with KATU on Friday, Daniella said she was driving down her street Wednesday night when something didn't look right in front of her house. So she stopped to get a better look.

Daniella said she eventually drove home and ran inside scared it was chasing her. She's shown the video to all of her friends and family. She still can't believe she chased that bear in her car.

The bear is still on the loose.