Teachers lead by example in healthy living competition

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Each day, students at Thurston Elementary file into the cafeteria for an assembly. While it might be to sit criss-cross on the floor for the daily meet, Thursday's assembly got the kids on their feet, giving their teachers a big round of applause.

PacificSource held a month-long competition for staff and teachers, pitting Springfield schools against Eugene schools in a battle of the fruits and veggies.

Kenny Weigandt of PacificSource said the contest was to encourage good eating habits, with educators leading by example.

"Teachers were just eating their fruits and vegetables, tracking them online and then from there we were able to see which school was eating the most," said Kenny.

Thurston took home the top prize from the contest set up to motivate kids to live a healthy lifestyle.

"It's important to walk the walk," said Thurston Elementary teacher Calli Dean. "I mean we talk with students all the time about being healthy and what healthy choices are. I think that we need to demonstrate what healthy choices are, how important it is to have fruits and vegetables and how active you are in your life too.

The $1,000 prize will be used to help pay for the school's McKenzie Mist water service.

Second place in the contest went to Briggs Middle School, and Springfield High rounded out the top three.