Tattoos and attempted murder: 'Every week, a new turn or twist to the case'

COQUILLE, Ore. - A guilty plea and sentence bring to a close the case of David Wonnacott, the tattoo parlor owner accused of attempting to murder a rival shop owner.

"Every week we'd come in and there would be a new turn or twist to the case," said Det. John Bohanan with the North Bend Police Department.

Wonnacot pleaded guilty to attempted murder with a firearm, conspiring to tamper with a witness and being a felon in possesion of a firearm.

The investigation started at a North Bend tattoo shop in late July.

According to court documents, Wonnacot tried to elminate his cross-town competion by trying to shoot shop owner Brian Graham.

The gun didn't go off, and Wonnacot fled.

Eugene Police later arrested Wonnacott at the airport.

With the help of the FBI and other agencies around the state, investigators were able to track Wonnacott's GPS. The data showed him driving from Reno, Nevada, to North Bend.

"Very incriminating evidence that put Mr. Wonnacott in North Bend at the time and date of the attempted murder," Bohanan said.

Wannacot didn't stop there. While in jail, Wonnacott wrote letters trying to finish what he started.

"Which we believe was another attempted murder if not to get somebody to not testify in a proceeding against him," Bohanan said.

At sentencing, the victim, Brian Graham, called Wonnacott an evil person.

"There was mention that for the past year Mr. Graham has been worried about his safety and his families safety," Bohanan said.

The detective predicted Wonnacot would be under careful watch in prison.

"I wouldn't be surprised," he said, "by anything Mr. Wonnacott does at this point."

Earlier story

COQUILLE, Ore. - A North Bend tattoo shop owner pleaded guilty Tuesday to trying to kill a rival tattoo shop owner in 2013.

David Wonnacott pleaded guilty to one count of attempted murder in an attempt on the life of Brian Graham.

Wonnacott also pleaded guilty to conspiring to tamper with a witness and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Graham told police Wonnacott pointed a gun at him but that the weapon appeared to jam.

Wonnacott was later arrested in Eugene after a shooting in North Bend.

While in jail, prosecutors brought additional charges of tampering with a witness from behind bars.

A judge sentenced him to 11 1/2 years in prison.

Deputy District Attorney Mark Monson said this case was made possible will help from multiple agencies around the state.