Tasty Tuesday: Mom's Pies

EUGENE, Ore. - When I first drove by Mom's Pies on Willamette Street in Downtown Eugene, I thought it was something new. As it turns out it has been around for quite some time.

It originally opened back in the 40s along the McKenzie Highway. There are even quite a few people that still remember it as the Village Cafe with Vie's Pies.

Eventually Vie retired taking the name with her, but she left behind the recipe for her hand-made pies. Bertha Nyseth became the new pie maker and the restaurant became the Village Cafe with Mom's Pies.

When the place closed down Nyseth was for sure it would be the end of her pie making days, but it wasn't long before the owners would re-open in Eugene. Thirty years since she started slinging the sweets, Nyseth is still at it. Cranking out 6 pies an hour. Pretty impressive for an 85 year old.

While many are well into their retirement, Nyseth moves with rhythmic grace. Constructing each pie completely by hand and from scratch. Hard work and dedication that pays off on the palate. Even though she doesn't log as many hours as she used to, I have a feeling her passion for pie will keep her going for quite some time.

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