Tasty Tuesday: Elegant Elephant Baking Co.

The place to be for gluten-free! Elegant Elephant Baking Co. pastries are sold out of Belle the truck. Photo by Ellen Meny


You've probably heard the phrase. It seems to be everywhere these days- the dietary craze that's sweeping the nation. Or, sweeping Lane County, at least.

For some, eating gluten-free is a choice. And for others, like Elegant Elephant Baking Co. owner Jessie Scarola, it's a necessity. Scarola has Celiac's disease, and was worried her daughter, Ella, had it too.

"I have it, my father has it, and so statistically, my child has a fifty percent chance of also having it," Scarola said.

If people with Celiac's disease eat products with gluten, it can lead to severe medical issues. And after Scarola realized there was a severe lack of options for gluten-free pastries in the Eugene-Springfield area, she decided to do something about it. She sealed the deal when she baked her husband some gluten-free cookies one day.

"And he called me and was like, oh my god, these are such great cookies, like they're even better today than they were yesterday, we should sell these, we should do it, because they're not just good for gluten free, they're just good cookies period," Scarola said.

Four years later, Elegant Elephant Baking Co. is on a roll. Scarola and her eight-person baking squad sell a variety of gluten-free and allergy-sensitive baked goods. Scarola sells her gluten-free goods out of a small food truck- affectionately named Belle- on Shelton McMurphey Boulevard.

Elegant Elephant Baking Co. Location and Hours:

150 Shelton McMurphey Blvd. Eugene, OR 97401

Monday through Friday, 7am to 11pm

Fridays, 4pm to 8pm

KVAL's Tasty Tuesday brings you what to eat and where to eat it around Lane County and beyond. Tasty Tuesday is hosted by KVAL reporter Ellen Meny. Want to suggest Ellen a restaurant? Contact her at or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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