Syria protest: 'I believe there are peaceful solutions'

EUGENE, Ore. - They sang. They spoke. Any way they could, some Eugene residents made their voices heard on their concerns about war in Syria at a demonstration Monday night.

"I believe there are peaceful solutions," said Courtney Argenti, a protest organizer. "We are very close to having congress vote on whether or not to have this unilateral military strike and so we're here to gain attention."

With Russian president Vladimir Putin standing with Syria's Bashar al-Assad, some say the U.S. is entering into a proxy war with Russia if Congress approves military action.

"There is no proof that it's Assad, in my opinion," said Nicole Hamilton, who opposes military action in Syria. "No one has proof about that. It's like obama heard a rumor and we're just going off that rumor."

Gregory Kahn of Eugene visited Syria in 2008 for relgious studies. He worries the current U.S. plan would leave the country unrecognizable.

"It'll be like sticking your nose in a hornet's nest," he said. "I mean any observers of Middle East history would know that there are no easy solutions in the Middle East."

There is no indication right now of how any member of the Oregon congressional delegation will vote on military action in Syria.